my summer favorites

I have been wanting to do a Fav’s List for a while, so we go…

diet stewart's orange n cream sodaSummer 2014 Favorite #1:
Diet Stewart’s Orange n Cream Soda, it HAS to be the diet! I am basing this solely on taste alone. There is just something about how the diet tastes, like a liquid Dreamcicle, AMAZING!!!

Sabra Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

Summer 2014 Favorite #2:
Sabra Hummus – Sun Dried Tomato, this blend is by far my go to choice and it’s hard to find here in St. Louis. Snacks, in place of mayo, to dip; just a nice summer flavor option.

Kandee Johnson

Summer 2014 Favorite #3: Subscribe to her channel here!!!
Kandee Johnson, one of my favorite people to follow on YouTube! Her video’s always put me in a happier mood. She’s always so positive and her tips/tricks are very helpful.

E.L.F (eyes lips face)

Summer 2014 Favorite #4:
ELF Cosmetics (eyes lips face), they sell smaller sized portions of your everyday needs. I don’t wear makeup a lot, I mostly work from home, but when I do this is my go to brand ;)

Comfort Plus by Predictions

Summer 2014 Favorite #5:
Comfort Plus by Predictions, I got these in Nude and am going back for the Black. They are simple, not too high, rounder toe, affordable $25, & I got mine at Payless <3 & they are really comfy!

Well that’s it for now <3 SHARE your favorites, I'd love to try them out :)

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