Here in St. Louis, Winter is definitely here! While I won’t being getting the Christmas decorations out for another week or so, I did want to ‘UPDATE’ the Wreath. That poor thing barely has any bells and what tiny presents that were holding on by a thread were faded and, well, the entire piece had seen better days.

To Hobby Lobby I went, to purchase some Wreath Swag, lol:

  • Jingle Bells (1-1/2 in.) ….. $2.00
  • Dark Red Spray Pick ….. $2.00
  • Frosted Red Spray Pick ….. $2.00
  • Pearl/Silver Spray Pick ….. $2.00
  • Rustic Burlap Snowflake ….. $2.00
  • ..everything Christmas is 50% Off..
  • Total Amount Spent ….. $5.00

If you needed to start from scratch:

  • Wreaths were also 50% off ….. 24-inch $5.99
  • I used Pine-Cones from our neighbors tree but you can get them at Hobby Lobby ….. $10.00
  • I used the Hot Glue Gun to secure the Pine-Cones. For the Picks, I took them apart and re-twisted them to my liking, then twisted them onto the wreath. The Jingle Bells are looped around branches. And I used the Frosted Pick to secure the Snowflake. This took maybe an hour to do.

    I’m SO happy with how this project turned out! I originally wasn’t going to display our Wreath until December, but it’s already hanging up and I’ll probably keep him out there through Winter :)

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