Last year, June 2013-Click Here, I did a post about car vent clips and how I also use them inside my home. WELL!!! Febreze came out with car clips too, and they are AWESOME!!!

First, I purchased the Aloha Hawaiian. Oh and did it work, it worked so well that I had too remove it my car and take a little break from Hawaii. It was too flowery/perfumey for me. So I just put that puppy in the bathroom vent and voilà. My bathroom smells pretty good for a bathroom.

I then needed a replacement for my driving-mobile, this time I went with Greek Seaside. This is more my style, it just smells clean. And these little guys last for definitely 30 days as advertised. There are 3 settings, Setting #1 is ENOUGH! They are a new Rave and Favorite :) They range in price, $3.50-$4.85, but Target had them on sale for $3.00, very good deal and they do work better than the clips I’ve used in the past.